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I have read and understand the conditions of the Anusha Welfare Trust Scholarship as explained on the website. I affirm that I plan to pursue a project as defined in this document. I give permission to officials of my institution to release transcripts of my academic record and other information requested for consideration in the Anusha Welfare Trust Scholarship. I understand that this application will be available only to qualified people associated with the process who need to see it in the course of their duties. If selected as a AIM Scholar, I agree to travel to India to implement the project as part of the AIM Scholarship program. I affirm that all of this application, including the project proposal, is my own work formally cited from other sources. I affirm the information contained herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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-Highlight/ indicate previous work undertaken
-Share history of family or entreprenuership
-Indicate involvement in social organisations
-Share the information with regards to investments charitable/non-charitable towards your chosen SDG

-Share primary market research conducted to identify the problem
-Narrow it down to a specific region or country

-Share primary market research conducted to identify the problem
-Narrow it down to a specific region or country

-Share the roadmap of the project
-Showcase work already undertaken
-Showcase partnership already explored in India/intended target nation

-Feel free highlight electives that you may have taken outside of Sloan MIT as well.

-Be specific in what you have won
-Try to segregate Scholarship, Awards/Incubators & events/conferences.

-Showcase the core values - ACTION | IMPACT | MOTIVATION
-Express your passion & committment - Show what you are willing to put for this

-Primary research work that is undertaken (including statistical data)
-Previous research reports, paper or blogs written by you
-Independent study report that is undertaken at MIT Sloan
-Pitch presentation
-User stories/Videos/ pictures (Any form) conducted by you

-Share your willingness to pursue this project as an entreprenuer or take up jobs after the completion

-Showcase your funding options & plan
-Share any exsisting plan or talks with investors

Yes No
Would you be willing to allow Anusha Welfare Trust or other entities in India to carry forward your project work post your completion of the same in India?
In case you do decide to set-up a venture post completion of your project based on your work during this period, would you be willing to provide Anusha Welfare Trust & partner companies equity investment in your new venture up toogu5% at the same terms as yourself?
Would you want Anusha Welfare Trust or its Trustees to be involved in your venture in any capacity i.e. Board member?

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